CSR Wrap

JM healthcare Provide high quality CSR Wrap.
• Made from natural fiber, it can be natural degradation. It's without odor, non-toxic and without wastes when burning.
• Used for sterilization wrapping. It can last 6 months after sterilizing.
• The water resistance and anti-permeability of crepe paper are better than cotton fabric. And it can resist all kinds pf pressure in the wet or dry conditions.
• White, Blue, Green colors available.
• Widely used in surgery cart, operating table and sterilization wrapping of sterile area.

Material: Natural fiber.
Size: 30*30cm, 40*40cm,50*50cm, 60cm*60cm, or customized
Color: blue, green, white.
Used in: Dental clinics, hospitals, beauty salon, Health and beauty, Tattoo