Dental Products

Hefei JM Healthcare Product produces a range of high quality products for various professional applications. Our dental products are made of wood pulp or nonwovens。Therefore, our dental products are environmentally friendly and comprehensively care for your dental health。
Our dental products mainly include Dental bib, Dental Apron, Headrest cover, Barrier Film, Cotton roll. We offer the most comprehensive one-stop dental products and they are all-round care of your health

dental products are made of paper with PE film or nonwovens.
The quality raw materials
All raw materials are 100% pure wood pulp, no smell, no toxicity to ensure the safety of sterile paper
Good water absorption
Paper surface absorb water, membrane surface anti-water repel; PE membrane can effectively prevent water from the surface, unique waterproofing edge, providing greater strength and durability.
Soft and skin-friendly
Paper soft, in order to carry out harmless treatment, environmental protection effect is good