Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

JM healthcare provides high quality Disposable Toilet Seat Cover and can accept the OEM customization.
• Water soluble, eco-friendly, biodegradable. After using, paper toilet seat cover can be flushed away by water. No need any other extra care!
• Clean and safe. Paper toilet seat cover can effectively prevent cross-infection of various skin diseases and cross-contamination and helpful to avoid the psychological discomfort resulting from human body's direct contact with toilet seat.
• Easy to use.
• Suitable for any toilets.
• Advancing the services and improving the satisfactions of a public place.

Material: 1ply or 2ply soft tissue laminated with 1 ply Medical poly, 1ply soft tissue.
Size: 38*45cm, customized to your requirements.
Color: blue, white.
Used in: Travel, Family, Hospitals.