Exam Table Roll

JM healthcare examination table paper designed for patient comfort and reliable infection control.  Available in smooth or crepe format.
• Increased tear resistance provided with absorbent crepe paper.
• Additional patient protection assured with one-sided glaze finish to repel moisture.
• Available in 21” and 18” width, for both smooth and crepe finish.
• Can be used to cover surgical table or any surface, to avid surface tools direct contact with table surface.

Material: 1ply soft tissue laminated with 1 ply Medical poly, or 1ply nonwoven+ 1ply PE film..
Size: 18"*125’, 21”*125’, 18”*225’, 21”*225’, or customized to your requirements.
Color: blue, green, white, etc.
Used in: Dental clinics, hospitals, beauty salon, Health and beauty, Tattoo.