Face Mask

JM healthcare offers surgical face mask and Conventional masks. JM 3 ply Surgical Face mask with elastic ear loop featured Breathable, lightweight fabric characters, Soft, stretchable ear loops is Soft and comfortable to wear protecting mouth or nose against dust and bad smell. Ear straps to be self-tied. latex and fiberglass free.
• 3 ply non-woven Surgical face mask is made by full automatic ultrasonic machine made
• High filtration efficiency: 98% - 99.9% (Tested and pass by Nelson Lab in America)
• Soft, lightweight, Comfortable, odorless
• Form fitting design, Fiberglass free
• Latex free ear loops (option)
• Non-irritating to skin, Permits air passage
• In clinical offices, housework, gardening and maintenance for filtering dust, Pollen, and bacteria
• In laboratories and factories for blocking liquid mists, harmful airborne chemicals and fine particles

Material: 16/20g/m2 PPSB+20/25g/m2 melt blown PPSB filter +25/35g/m2 PPSB
Color: White, blue, green, pink.
Size: 17.5*9.5cm, 14.5*9cm, 12.5*8cm
Used in: Dental clinics, hospitals, beauty salon, Health and beauty, Tattoo.