Patient Gown and Capes

JM Patient Gown and capes enhanced patient protection with additional layer of paper and plastic backing. Suitable for minor procedures, like cleanings, where extra protection is desired.
• Oversized to cover chest and lap.
• Special made for dentist, simple tie on, no need bib chain.
• Adult bibs for seniors keep clothes clean. Protect shirt and pants from dropped.
• Water repellent. Pocket available, Tie on design.
• OEM available. CE&ISO certificates.

Material: 1ply tissue + 1ply PE film, without pocket is available, and we have many different type
Size: 40*60cm+10cm,40*50+10cm, or customized to your requirements.
Color: blue, green, orange pink, purple, white.
Used in: Dental clinics, hospitals, beauty salon, Health and beauty, Tattoo.