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Disposable Bath Towel

Disposable Bath Towel

The JM disposable bath towel are large format, folded, multi-purpose towels ideal for patient care as well as hotel use. It's disposable but can be

used many times by the same user. It comes beautifully folded and is more compact and absorbent than a cotton towel. Also it's strong, absorbent,

quick-drying and kind to skin and hair.The JM disposable bath towel is a soft, cloth-like, biodegradable product that allows your skin to remain healthy

and clean with no fear of transferred bacteria, unlike traditional cloth towels, cotton towels or microfiber.  

Why choose the JM Disposable Bath/Shower Towel?

The JM disposable bath towel or shower towel is:

  • Disposable - use it once, throw it away and it composts in nature

  • Perfectly sized – 140cm  x 70 cm

  • Absorbent – much more absorbent than a cotton towel

  • Quick-drying – allow the towel to air dry in minutes

  • Compact – save space in your suitcase and your day bag

  • Convenient – simply use as many times as you like during your visit and then recycle

  • Hygienic – it is your personal towel, never used by anyone else

  • Biodegradable – it breaks down to almost nothing in nature

Disposable Bath Towel - Disposable Methods

The JM disposable bath towel is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Simply use it as many times as you like on yourself (in salon it is single use,

at the gym you can use it multiple times), then dispose the towel in any recycle bin (compostable / recyclable / paper / cardboard).  As it is made from

wood fibres, it breaks down to almost nothing in nature.

Disposable Bath Towel – Beauty Salon and Spa Uses

The JM disposable bath towel can have many uses in the salon including:

  • massages

  • mud treatments

  • aromatherapy

  • tanning / tanning booths

Disposable Bath Towel – Gym, Pool and Leisure Centre Uses

The JM disposable bath towel can have many uses in your active lifestyle including:

  • Gym (as a work out towel or shower towel)

  • Water Parks

  • Swimming Pools

  • Leisure Centers

Disposable Bath Towel – Availability

The JM disposable bath towel or shower towel is available in the China and around the globe right now. It measures 140 x 70cm, is sold in PP bags of one bath

towel and one towel and is available in black and white.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this!