2018-12-20 14:40:23

What are the benefits of using disposable medical products?

The concept of disposable medical products:

Disposable medical products refer to all kinds of articles discarded after one use, which penetrate into human tissues or contact with the surface of skin and mucosa and are used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Disposable medical products are divided into sterilized medical products and sterilized medical products.

The advantages of using disposable medical products in the following points:

1: It can avoid nosocomial infection caused by repeated use of medical devices, and the use of disposable medical products can promote the national economy.

2: The use of disposable medical products can prevent the occurrence of cross-infection in hospital, especially the occurrence of some diseases transmitted by blood or injection. Such as AIDS, hepatitis B and other diseases.

3: The use of disposable syringes can reduce the labor intensity of medical workers, reduce some procedures for disinfection of medical supplies, easy to use, safe, no heat source.

4: Disposable medical products are generally strictly disinfected in accordance with the national standards. The use of disposable syringes can reduce or even eliminate abscesses caused by inadequate disinfection of syringes. Of course, disposable medical products must be disinfected and disfigured after use.

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