Disposable anti-overflow breast pad - novel ultra narrow side

  • application anti-overflow breast
  • brand_name JM or your brand
  • place_of_origin China
  • minimun_order_quantity one 20ft container
  • supply_ability 3-6 containers/month
  • payment_terms T/T, L/C at sight
  • packaging_detail Individually sealed PE bag packaging + color box
  • delivery_detail All our products are strictly checked before loading
  • certficate CE, IS013485, FDA


Disposable anti-overflow breast pad - novel ultra narrow side

Ultra-thin breathable breast pad


1.The diversion layer + absorption layer  keep nipple dry

        The surface layer is made of soft non-woven fabric, soft and breathable, and the grid embossing

accelerates the diversion, and the first time quickly absorbs the galactorrium. The inner layer of super-high

absorption polymer has strong water absorption and completely absorbs the galactorrhea, which can keep

the nipple and clothes lasting and dry.


2.Skin color waterproof paper + super large adhesive

        Waterproof paper is added to the outer layer to prevent leakage and close to the skin color. It is not easy

to see on the bra. The outermost layer is super-slip anti-slip adhesive, which is fixed on the bra as a whole. It

is more comfortable to use and easy to tear.


3.Light and close, fit the chest

        The breast pad is light and close to the body, and the arc shape conforms to the contour of the chest, so that

the mother feels comfortable when using it.


4.Aseptic packaging

        Each piece is sterilized by advanced and rigorous ethylene oxide, and is packaged in a single piece of sterile

and easy-to-tear packaging. It is easy to carry and hygienic when going out.



Breast milk is rich in nutrients, and if it is attached to the nipple for a long time, it may cause infection and

cause inflammation of the breast. The anti-overflow breast pad keeps the nipple dry and comfortable for a

long time, but when the breast pad absorbs a sufficient amount of milk, please replace it in time to avoid

bacterial growth.


Product parameters

External Diameter


Absorb Core



Oval    3D type







Base film color

Pink / white / skin color / black / customers'   requirements

Product material

Wood pulp fiberPolymerNon-woven

Product Features

1. The non-woven lining is soft, close-fitting and breathable, which can quickly absorb breast milk

and keep the skin dry.

 2. Use a composite film with excellent waterproof performance as the base film, which is not easy

to seep and ensure   the underwear is dry and comfortable.

3. Using polymer water-absorbent polymer, it can fully absorb breast milk and completely avoid reverse


4. Double-sided adhesive tape with no displacement can be fixed in the bra, and you don't have to worry

about any   displacement when you are breastfeeding, going out or resting.

5. 130mm outer diameter and ultra-thin   design, can be easily hidden in the bra.

6. Disposable breast pad is easy to   discard and keep skin clean.

7. Independently sealed PE bag packaging,  hygienic, safe and convenient to carry.

Product packaging

Individually sealed PE bag packaging +   color box (can be customized according to customer requirements)


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